Company Developments




2023.07 Becoming the lead of the Filecoin Orbit community in Greater China

2023.04 Participated in FIL HK and DeStor HK activities and hosted FVM Workshop

2023.02 Hosted the FVM Open Hack Day and selected projects to win the second prize in the global competition

2022.11 Hosted the 2022 Distributed Storage Ecological Annual Summary and Exchange Conference

2022.04 Becoming a FIL+third round notary and participating in effective data community governance

2022.03 became one of the first enterprise level members of the Filecoin Orbit community and established the New Web Hub

2022.02 the technical team obtained a $1000000 agreement from the laboratory to develop a CDN retrieval project - Titan and lay out the retrieval market

2020.12 New Web Group was officially established

2020.08 Participated in the Space Race and won 60W FIL award


2021.12 Register WestLabs in Cayman

2021.11 Register NEW WEB GROUP in Hong Kong

2021.08 Established an international business unit to promote the global brand of New Web Group

2021.03 Obtaining investment from government guided funds and QiFu Capital