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Certificate of Vice Presidency in the Shenzhen Information Service Industry's Blockchain Association

 Shenzhen Information Service's Blockchain Association (SZBA) is the first municipal association of its kind in Shenzhen.

 The association is comprised of 36 individual experts and corporate entities as of August 2020.

 New Web Group was awarded with the title of SZBA's Vice Presidency in 2021.

Huoxin Finance's 2021 Most Influential Distributed Storage Company Award

 Huoxun Finance is a renowned news media in China's blockchain and Web 3.0 industry.

 This media company provides news coverage, newsletters, market quotations, interviews, in-depth analysis of projects, and maintains a repository of white papers.

 Huoxun is a one-stop platform, committed to building professional blockchain journalism and promote healthy development of the industry at large.

Daoji Blockchain Ecosystem Innovation Award

 Daoji is a research institute within the Shenzhen Information Service Industry's Blockchain Association.

 Daoji has gathered experts and scholars from related industries in China and abroad; conducts comprehensive research on the concept and social implications of blockchain; and promotes the acceleration and integration of blockchain technology into people's everyday life.

 Daoji has awarded New Web Group with its Blockchain Ecosystem Innovation Award for the company's innovative pending patents and other certifications.